NBC Sports
December 30, 2007
Desert Dingo Racing featured in Baja 1000 coverage
Desert Dingo Racing (of which I am co-owner), got some screen time in NBC Sports’ coverage of the Baja 1000. We also appear near the start of a VW commercial. Watch for two quick shots of the 1146 car.

German public radio
December 27, 2007
Felton kämpft gegen American Water – und RWE
Das Wasser kommt aus der selben Quelle wie im Nachbarort, kostet aber das Doppelte. Die Bürger der kleinen kalifornischen Gemeinde sehen den Grund dafür in der privatisierten Wasserversorgung und in der Preispolitik der RWE-Tochter American Water – und wehren sich.

Valley Post
December 18, 2007
CalAm Seeks Additional 78 percent Revenue Increase from Felton Water Business
CalAm has filed a rate case with California’s Public Utilities Commission that seeks a 78 percent increase in revenue from the Felton system. The impact on customer rates would be spread over three years starting in 2009. However, the largest leap would come in the first year, when the average customer’s bill would increase by 72 percent.

Press Banner
December 14, 2007
Cal-Am to file for rate hike
California-American Water Co. has advised the state Public Utilities Commission that it wants to boost water rates by 79 percent in 2009 and collect a new surcharge over nine months instead of two years.

Monterey Herald
December 9, 2007
Rants and Raves
Rant: California American Water files for a rate increase that would more than double many Peninsula water bills by 2011 and the public reaction is as quiet as the Carmel River in winter, as quiet as a faucet turned off, as quiet as a Public Utilities Commission hearing with no one in the audience. Odd. Are George Riley and Ron Weitzman out of town?

Santa Cruz Sentinel
December 8, 2007
Felton group vows to fight proposed Cal Am hike amid fight to take over water system
FELTON — California American Water is seeking permission from the state to hike rates 78 percent over three years for its 1,300 Felton customers, a company official confirmed Friday.

Press Banner
December 7, 2007
Cal-Am hits Felton
Felton water customers got a double whammy Friday, Dec. 7, as California-American Water Co. filed to boost water rates by 78 percent and proposed to collect an additional new surcharge over nine months instead of two years.

Wall Street Journal
December 5, 2007
Nielsen to Be Video Cop: New Service’s Goal Is to Prevent Piracy Of Clips on the Web
For years, media and technology companies have been ensnarled in a battle over the rights to video posted online. Now ratings giant Nielsen wants to be the policeman.

December 5, 2007
Nielsen To Offer Copyright Protection System For The Web
Nielsen, best-known for its rankings of TV programming, said Wednesday it is developing a system that would police Web sites for copyrighted material, and notify site owners and content providers when video has been posted without authorization.

KUSP’s Talk of the Bay
December 4, 2007
Reversing Water Privatization in Felton
An update on Felton’s efforts to take over its water system with Jim Graham of Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water. Broadcast included an episode of the National Radio Project’s “Making Contact” series.

Press Banner
November 23, 2007
Cal-Am wants residents to pay FLOW legal fees
Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water is opposing an attempt by California American Water to levy a surcharge on its Felton customers to pay $67,000 to FLOW, as ordered by the state Public Utilities Commission.

The Straits Times
November 22, 2007
Odex website hacked
ANIME distributor Odex’s website was defaced by an unknown hacker on Wednesday night, and is now down.

The New Paper
November 22, 2007
Odex takes on the world (by mistake)
LOCAL anime distributor Odex has once again caused a stir in the online community – this time, internationally and unintentionally.

The Valley Post
November 20, 2007
German Owner Delays Sale of Felton Water’s Parent Company
Felton’s water system will remain part of the chain of ownership that falls under German-based RWE Aktiengesellshaft for a few months longer. RWE has postponed its plan to divest American Water, which owns CalAmerican Water and the Felton system. RWE is poised to sell American Water as a public offering, but for the moment the stock market isn’t an attractive place to sell a corporation. RWE has indicated that it will pursue the sale next spring.

Press Banner
November 16, 2007
FLOW gets $67,000 in legal fees
The state Public Utilities Commission has awarded Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water $67,000 in legal fees for its expenses as an intervenor in the recent California-American Water Co. rate case.

November 15, 2007
Macrovision Acquires All Media Guide
Macrovision announced last week that it has agreed to acquire All Media Guide Holdings (AMG). Like its close competitor Gracenote, AMG has a powerful combination of two core assets: a huge, continuously-updated database of information about music and other content, and an acoustic fingerprinting technology that links actual music tracks to information about them.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
November 15, 2007
RWE puts off sale of American Water
RWE, Germany’s largest power producer, has postponed the sale of its American Water unit due to U.S. market turmoil, a move that impacts plans for Felton residents who want to buy the waterworks.

November 13, 2007
Kitted-out VW preps for Baja race
Crave, November 13, 2007
The Baja 1000 route, as depicted on a Google Earth map. The off-road race began on 10 November in Ensenada, Mexico, and traverses about 2,100 kilometres.

Challenge Diabetes
November 12, 2007
Summary Update From Desert Dingo Race Team in Baja
Go cgmscentral.com!!! Not sure about the story behind the bad kitty though?

Wylie Wong’s Blog
November 10, 2007
The Love Bug
Check out this beauty. Inspired by a racing documentary, my buddy Jim bought a junky, engine-less 1969 VW bug from a guy who was about to tow the car to a junkyard. He showed the documentary to a few friends, discovered that they, too, had always fantasized about exploring their inner NASCAR driver. So they signed up to race the Baja 1000, a grueling 1,300-mile race through the Baja California desert in Mexico.

November 9, 2007
Tricked-out VW revs up for Baja 1000 – photo spread
The Baja 1000 route, as depicted on a Google Earth map. The off-road race begins November 10 in Ensenada, Mexico, and traverses 1,300 miles. Teams have 53 hours to complete the course. They cannot go more than 60 mph on the highway, and GPS tracks the teams to ensure compliance.

November 9, 2007
Taming the Baja 1000 in a tech-ed out 1969 VW Beetle
SAN JOSE, CALIF.–If you were to see the 1969 Volkswagen Beetle I’m looking at, missing a couple of tires, its engine compartment and hood open, and its interior feeling very much like a work in progress, you’d probably mistake it for one of the countless automotive projects currently underway in American garages and driveways. You certainly wouldn’t think any special was afoot.

Press release
November 5, 2007
Desert Dingo Racing Welcomes GlucoMON® As a Diabetes Device Sponsor for the 2007 Baja 1000 Race
Desert Dingo Racing announced today that GlucoMON has signed on as a sponsor of the team’s Baja 1000 race and for the 2008 race season. Desert Dingo Racing is campaigning the official World Diabetes Day car in the Baja 1000.

Los Angeles Times
November 5, 2007
Making money from file-sharing: The market is creating interesting experiments for turning file-swapping into advertising dollars
One of the sticking points in the contract dispute between Hollywood studios and writers has been how much the latter should be paid when their work is redistributed online. The negotiations have been complicated by the fact that the most vibrant video outlets online have been file-sharing networks, which generate little or no revenue for anyone in the entertainment industry. Even popular paid outlets such as Apple’s iTunes Store have produced comparatively little money for studios, leaving producers and writers with few clues as to which business models will work and how significant the revenue will be.

National Radio Project
October 31, 2007
Water Rights: No Clear Solution
The privatization of public water supplies is occurring in many places around the world. Sold like a common commodity, the rights for distribution and management of community water are being bought and controlled more and more by private entrepreneurs and corporations. But a global movement of activists say this most basic element of life should stay in the hands of the people who use it and out of the control of profit-seeking corporations or government bureaucracies.

October 31, 2007
Odex just won’t quit: Company allowed to present evidence to obtain identities of downloaders
ANIME distributor Odex is not letting up in its quest to bring illegal anime downloaders to book.

Press release
October 31, 2007
Desert Dingo Racing Announces Diabetes Awareness Program With HomeCheck-A1c™ for the Baja 1000 and Beyond
Desert Dingo Racing announced today that HomeCheck-A1c™ will be a primary sponsor of the team’s Baja 1000 race and for the 2008 race season. Desert Dingo Racing is campaigning the official World Diabetes Day car in the Baja 1000.

Press release
October 30, 2007
Assembly candidate Barbara Sprenger calls for action now to reform California’s health care gridlock
Barbara Sprenger, candidate for California’s 27th Assembly District, today called for major reform of the health care delivery system that is leaving millions of state residents without affordable health care. She reinforced her support of a Single Payer system.

The New Paper
October 26, 2007
HELP PROTECT OUR ANIME: Worry as some file-sharing sites claim they can keep users’ identities safe
Think illegal downloaders of anime cartoons and the picture of a tech-savvy, pimply teenager comes to mind. But it’s no longer child’s play.

Press Banner
October 25, 2007
Assembly candidate Sprenger proposes green energy loans
A program to provide low-interest loans for solar panels, solar and on-demand water heaters, home-scale wind generators, insulation and other clean energy systems is being proposed by Assembly candidate Barbara Sprenger of Felton.

The Valley Post
October 23, 2007
The Baja 1000: Local Team Will Drive 1300 Miles of Desert for Diabetes
For most of us, driving a 30-year-old Volkswagen from Felton to Scotts Valley without breaking down could be a challenge. But driving that same car for 1,000 miles over Baja deserts, along crumbling roads, through dry ravines and slippery creek beds? It sounds impossible, but that’s exactly what a group of locals plans to do in November.

The Valley Post
October 23, 2007
State Awards FLOW $67,000 in Legal Fees
On Oct. 18, FLOW activists marked a small victory in their protracted battle over the water rates charged by California American Water Company (CalAm) in Felton. The state’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has agreed to reimburse FLOW $67,000 for legal fees incurred last fall as they battled CalAm’s application for revenue increases.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
October 18, 2007
Utilities panel grants FLOW legal fees
The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday awarded the Friends of Locally Owned Water $67,000 to reimburse the conservation group for legal fees it spent fighting a water rate increase

October 9, 2007
Living in a DRM world
As ever more content becomes available on the internet, the protection of intellectual property (IP) has become a central issue for the TV, film and music industries.

Sprenger for Assembly press release
October 8, 2008
Assembly candidate Barbara Sprenger proposes loan program promoting energy efficient technologies for homes and small businesses
Barbara Sprenger, candidate for California’s 27th Assembly District, today proposed the California Energy Loan Program, which will provide 100% low-interest loans to individuals and small businesses for solar panels, solar and on-demand water heaters, home-scale wind generators, insulation and other clean energy and conservation systems.

Monterey Herald
October 7, 2008
The desalination solution – Plant should be publicly owned
The future of Monterey County is inexorably tied to access to fresh water, and residents face a clear choice: pay dearly for a desalination plant that will be owned by California American Water and run for profit, or buy considerably more affordable water, at cost, from a publicly owned plant operated by the North Monterey County Water Management District (Sunny Mesa).

October, 4, 2007
Battling Piracy, BayTSP-Style
NBC Universal (GE) President Jeff Zucker wants more technological solutions to be used in the battle to combat piracy, and is specifically calling on ISPs, video-sharing sites, universities and others to implement better filtering systems. But until — and even if — that happens, content companies will have to rely on the services of copyright monitoring and enforcement services like BayTSP.

Malaysia Star
September 23, 2007
Support the right way
I agree with what Odex is doing, but maybe not how they are going about doing it. I hope it does happen in Malaysia – it would be a great lesson to all who download anime. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to take the offer. We all know that downloading is illegal and wrong in the first place.

Monterey Herald
September 23, 2007
PUC values Cal Am over customers: Rulings show disregard for ratepayer
The California Public Utilities Commission is not my friend. In fact, I believe the PUC is not a friend to any local water customer.

Press Banner
September 19, 2007
Breaking News: Cal-Am moving forward with Felton well
Despite opposition from a local citizens group, California American Water Co. will move ahead with its plan to drill a new well in Felton to prepare for the possibility of multiple droughts.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
Septemberr 19, 2007
FLOW mobilizes to conserve, show well not needed
There may be some brown lawns showing up in the upcoming months in Felton.

The Straits Times
September 18, 2007
Odex to get ISPs to issue online warnings
A distributor of Japanese animated movies, or anime, has adopted a new tactic in its battle to stop illegal downloads here.

September 18, 2007
Japanese anime company comes up with new strategy to curb illegal downloads
Japanese anime distributer Odex has come up with a new strategy to curb illegal downloads. It is asking internet service providers (ISPs) to send warning letters to their subscribers who have used their accounts for illegal downloads.

September 18, 2007
Amid furore, Odex changes tack
Embattled anime distributor Odex – facing scores of Netizens in a cyber piracy spat – has changed tack to discourage people from downloading the Japanese cartoon videos.

ZDNet Asia
September 17, 2007
Odex softens on illegal downloaders
SINGAPORE– Singapore anime distributor Odex has decided to take a more light-handed approach than what was originally adopted to curb illegal downloading.

Valley Press
September 14, 2007
State denies Cal-Am’s plan for new Felton well
California American Water Co.’s move to drill a new well in Felton died an early death when the California Public Utilities Commission staff denied permission in a letter to company officials.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 28, 2007
State to Felton’s Cal Am: Well proposal not very well planned
The state has thrown a wrench into plans by California American Water Co. to drill a $500,000 well in search of an additional source of water, which the private company says it needs because of low winter rainfall this year.

Ars Technica
August 28, 2007
BayTSP CEO flies to Singapore to support anime crackdown
Yesterday we covered the story of an RIAA-style legal crackdown on Singapore anime downloaders. One of the strangest aspects of the story was that the anime distributor Odex claimed to have engaged US firm BayTSP to track illicit downloads but then failed to convince a Singapore judge that BayTSP had even been hired by Odex at all. Now, in an effort to clear up the matter, it appears that BayTSP’s CEO Mark Ishikawa will show up in Singapore this week to help Odex make its appeal.

The Valley Post
August 28, 2007
CalAm’s Proposal for a New Well Rejected
Fall Creek, which is Felton’s primary water supply, is running low this summer and CalAm wanted to build a new well to supplement the area’s water supplies. CalAm had sent the State’s Public Utilities Commission an “advice letter” explaining the $500,000 project.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 27, 2007
Cal Am’s plans for a new Felton well run dry
The California Public Utilities Commission has denied the proposal by California American Water Co., the water supplier to 1,350 customers in Felton, to drill a new $500,000 well in search of an additional source of water.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 26, 2007
Aptos residents buy water company
A group of residents has succeeded in a quest to buy the local water company. Members of Aptos Friends of Locally Owned Water this week signed an agreement to buy the Mar Vista Water Co., a small utility that serves 186 customers in the hills around Trout Gulch Creek near Aptos Village.

August 23, 2007
My solution to the Odex problem, and the problem of BitTorrent in general
BitTorrent and P2P networking are immense aids to the problem of huge file distribution. They cut down the cost of online media distribution. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple technology to understand for people who don’t want to listen. Especially with the current situation where BitTorrent is used to download content illegally, BT has become a taboo subject in most areas.

Broadcast Engineering
August 17, 2007
BayTSP launches digital fingerprinting, watermarking solution
BayTSP has launched a content authentication platform that provides digital content owners with a one-stop shop to incorporate digital fingerprinting and watermarking technologies to protect and monetize their intellectual property.

Guardian Unlimited
August 16, 2007
From fingerprints to visual DNA
Computers can recognise faces in pictures, and even (it’s often claimed – and disputed) filter out porn images from normal ones. But can they understand what is copyrighted content and what isn’t? That’s the problem facing engineers at Google-owned video site YouTube. But while the company says it is developing software to do just that, some experts are suggesting that the challenges are more to do with business than technology.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 16, 2007
Drought prompts Felton water managers to seek well
Saying last winter’s shortage of rainfall is forcing its hand, California American Water Co. is planning to drill a new $500,000 well despite the protest of residents, who say the well is a ploy to pump up the value of the private water system at their expense

Baja Racing News Live!
August 12, 2007
Baja Champion Baja Safari Team Solorzano Helps Desert Dingo Racing for Baja 1000 2007
A local Santa Cruz, California team, rebuilt Volkswagen headed for Baja 1,000-mile off-road race in Baja, Mexico. With the help of World Famous Baja Champion Baja Safari Class 11 Team Solorzano.

Entertainment & Media
August 11, 2007
JamGate promises artists freedom and control
A new online music store promises a greater degree of freedom, control and potentially financial upside for independent recording artists and labels.
JamGate connects a custom-built ecommerce and digital content delivery system to established merchant service providers like PayPal.

August 10, 2007
Afternoon Buzz: Ministry, Shock Cinema
JamGate is live; a web-based app for musicians to manage, sell and distro their music without the commission that is usually charged on other sites.

August 10, 2007
JamGate Music Distribution
JamGate.com is a web-based tool that makes it possible for musicians and record labels to partake in digital sales. JamGate at this moment enables musicians to create their own distribution channels. This removes the need of having to go through other networks, which only take a cut of your sales, and does not offer many analytics for monitoring buyers and their behaviour.

August 9, 2007
Local Company Devotes Time To Deleting Internet Piracy
While you may spend time on YouTube for fun, there are some people who watch it for a living. In Los Gatos there is a worldwide Internet security company that makes sure copy-righted material like movies games or software doesn’t end up on the web or your computer.

August 9, 2007
The Future Of Copyright Protection Is Here And It Costs $11 An Hour
It’s no secret that video sites like YouTube benefited from added traffic generated by hosting copyrighted content. But as these sites get acquired, integrate advertising, or just want to avoid a billion dollar lawsuit, they seek to shed their seedy past to stay kosher with the big media giants they hope will feed them content and advertising dollars.

Monterey County Weekly
August 9, 2007
A Win in the Water War
Bill Lokyo never expected to find himself embroiled in a six-year battle over water with a multinational corporation and city officials in Stockton, Calif.

Killer Startups
August 9, 2007
JamGate.com – Create Your Online Music Store
How will you be discovered? Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a veteran artist, or working at a label, you need one important tool for success: exposure. JamGate is a tool that allows you, the musician or the person distributing that music the opportunity to get heard and sell digitally.

Wall Street Journal
August 8, 2007
YouTube Magic: Now You See It, Now You Don’t Hired Eyes Make Sure That Copyrighted Videos Are Yanked From the Web
LOS GATOS, Calif. — A lot of people watch YouTube videos at work. A few are actually paid to do it.

Good Times
August 8, 2007
Step Right Up
The outstanding question of whether or not John Laird is allowed to continue his service to the 27th Assembly District will remain unresolved for another six months, but that doesn’t mean that folks aren’t lining up for his job.

Mashable Social Networking News
August 8, 2007
JamGate Launches Music Storefront to Compete with MySpace
HipSolve Media, the company that provides business solutions for marketers and distributors in the music industry, has launched JamGate, a web-based tool for musicians and record labels for digital sales.

BayTSP press release
August 8, 2007
BayTSP Launches Comprehensive Digital Fingerprinting and Watermarking Solution to Provide Greatly Increased Protection of Intellectual Property
LOS GATOS, CALIF. – BayTSP today announced a Content Authentication Platform that provides digital content owners with a one-stop shop to incorporate digital fingerprinting and watermarking technologies to protect and monetize their intellectual property.

Press Banner
August 7, 2007
Leading lady: Sprenger leads in campaign fundraising
Barbara Sprenger of Felton leads in raising campaign funds for the 27th District Assembly race in 2008.

Press Banner
August 7, 2007
FLOW vs. Cal-Am: The battle over Felton water continues
Felton Friends of Locally Owned Water, a grassroots organization that fights to gain public control of the town’s water system, has put itself on the map when it comes to fighting privately owned corporation California American Water Co.

August 6, 2007
JamGate Powers Music Professionals with Their Own Music Sales and Distribution Technology
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — HipSolve Media today launched JamGate, a Web-based application that gives professional musicians and record labels “hands on control” over online sales and distribution of their music without the costly commissions charged by other services.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 1, 2007
Money starts flowing in Assembly race
SANTA CRUZ — Almost a year before the primary election, the dollars are rolling in for Democratic contenders jostling to replace Assemblyman John Laird.

In These Times
August 1, 2007
A Win in the Water War: Stockton, Calif., residents have stopped one multinational company from taking over their water system, but other localities remain threatened
Bill Lokyo never expected to find himself embroiled in a six-year battle over water with a multinational corporation and city officials in Stockton, Calif.

Press Banner
August 1, 2007
Felton racing team seeks car artist
A local team that calls itself Desert Dingo Racing is holding a contest to find an artist to paint its two Volkswagen Beetles for entry in the 1,300-mile Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 race in November.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
July 25, 2007
BAJA BOUND: Local team, rebuilt Volkswagen headed for 1,000-mile off-road race
The 1969 Volkswagen Beetle is in a million pieces in a San Jose backyard right now. By November, though, it’ll be ready to rev, rattle, clatter and roll 1,300 miles through the gnarled and rutted Mexican desert, the dust and the heat in a race that’s been described as “a 24-hour plane crash.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
July 24, 2007
Water conservation on track, locals to ride in Baja 1000, personal trainer in the park.

June 27, 2007
MPAA sues “guerilla video” nets, aka “indexing websites”
The Motion Picture Association of America filed lawsuits in LA federal court Tuesday against “guerilla video” indexer sites YouTVpc.com and Peekvid.com.

Desert Dingo Racing website goes live
June 23, 2007
I’m co-owner of a race team building a Class 11 VW Beetle to race in the Baja 1000 in November. We took the website live today.

Santa Cruz Indy Media
June 18, 2007
Felton Community Resists Water Giant
Residents in the town of Felton, California are using eminent domain to buy back their water supply from a private water company called American Water. Residents complain of price gouging and poor customer service.

Sprenger 2008 website goes live
June 15, 2007
Barbara Sprenger is a candidate for California’s 27th Assembly seat, representing Santa Cruz, Monterey and Morgan Hill.

The Atlantic
June issue
The Movie Pirates
On November 19, 2006, someone at a computer in Wharton, New Jersey, put a high-quality copy of a newly released holiday family film, recorded directly from the film reels, onto eDonkey, a person-to-person file-sharing network. Within weeks, that one file had been downloaded by 30,408 people on six continents. Dozens of other illegal versions of the movie, posted to other file-sharing networks, likely found their way onto the hard drives of many thousands more.

KUSP – Talk of the Bay
May 24, 2007
Politics of Water
Rachel Anne Goodman discusses the politics of water, and how national and local water issues figure into life on the Central Coast.

May 21, 2007
The YouTube Police
As Viacom’s $1 billion copyright-infringement lawsuit against Google and YouTube grinds through the courts, another drama is unfolding behind the scenes. In a cramped office in New York’s Times Square, dozens of twentysomethings work day and night scouring YouTube for Viacom TV shows and movies that have been uploaded by just about anybody.

US News & World Report
May 15, 2007
German Utility Soured on American Water
Just as a planned sale of the largest private water company in the United States moves closer, potentially embarrassing records of high-level corporate meetings have surfaced detailing how the business failed to live up to expectations for the German utility giant RWE.

PC Advisor
May 19, 2007
15 technology myths: what’s nonsense and what’s not?
The tech world abounds with hype, rumour and innuendo. It can be hard to tell IT fact from fantasy fiction. Fortunately, PC Advisor has rounded-up 15 technological rumours and given them a thorough shake down, so you can tell what’s nonsense, and what’s not.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
May 10, 2007
Felton water eminent domain case to stay in county
A Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday that the San Lorenzo Valley Water District’s lawsuit seeking to seize California American Water Co. property in Felton through eminent domain will stay in the county.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
May 8, 2007
Cal Am doesn’t want eminent domain issue settled in Santa Cruz
Saying it can’t get a fair trial in Santa Cruz, California American Water Co. will ask the court on Wednesday to change the location of the eminent domain proceedings filed by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

KTVU Channel 2
May 6, 2007
Special report on the Felton water fight
Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Robert Handa aired a special report on the Felton water issue.

April 14, 2007
UCSC students caught downloading
Interview with reporter Kristen Mattern discussing how students can be identified when using university networks to download copyrighted material.

The Valley Post
April 10, 2007
Judge Recommends Spinoff of CalAm
As the San Lorenzo Valley Water District begins a court battle in an attempt to seize control of the Felton water system, the international conglomerate that owns CalAmerican Water is trying to take public its California assets in an initial public offering.

April 7, 2007
Blades Of Glory – How Viacom Researched YouTube Videos for Its $1 Billion Lawsuit – Google “Sued To Death” – Hunting “SpongeBob SquarePants” to “Comedy Central”
The LA Times reports that Viacom went to great expense to detail the posting of its products on YouTube. Sumner Redstone, Viacom Inc.’s 83-year-old chairman, got the call Monday at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica telling him that the company he controls was declaring war on Internet giant Google Inc. after months of failed talks.

April 4, 2007
Hollywood Cracking Down On Movie Piracy
Entertainment companies are moving from copy protection to copy detection. The latest indication came this week, as record label EMI removed encryption from some of its online music. What’s driving the change? Copyright cops are using better technology.

Monterey Herald
April 3, 2007
Cal Am stock sale will go to PUC: Limits on rate hikes rejected
An administrative law judge’s ruling that allows the public sale of California American Water stock will go before the state Public Utilities Commission for final approval in the next month.

Thirst: Fighting the Corporate Theft of Water
March 27, 2007
Small Town Surprise for a Corporate Giant
Felton is one of a chain of small hill town tucked among ancient redwood trees in the San Lorenzo Valley some nine miles up a narrow, twisty road from the oceanfront college town of Santa Cruz.

San Francisco Chronicle
March 19, 2007
Firms working to halt pirates: Many people post videos in violation of copyright laws
To build a case against YouTube, Viacom turned to a Silicon Valley company to sniff out pirated clips on the popular video- sharing site.

The Los Angeles Times
March 14, 2007
Google’s intransigence triggered lawsuit
Sumner Redstone, Viacom Inc.’s 83-year-old chairman, got the call Monday at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica telling him that the company he controls was declaring war on Internet giant Google Inc. after months of failed talks.

March 14, 2007
Silicom Ventures Presents: Some Cool-Sounding Startups
I was invited to an event on Tuesday night by Silicom Ventures. It was basically an opportunity for enterprise software startups to plead for money from some of the Valley’s willing angel investors.

The Post
March 9, 2007
Company tracks down file-sharers
MediaSentry, a copyright protection service, is monitoring peer-to-peer file-sharing networks and providing user information to record companies.

Metro Santa Cruz
February 28, 2007
This week, as Nuz resumes its interviews with potential candidates for the district 27 state Assembly seat now occupied by John Laird, there’s a new development in the race. While candidates Ryan Coonerty and Emily Reilly (both previously interviewed) and Greg Sellers (interview coming soon) continue building their initial campaigns, Santa Cruz County Supervisor Mark Stone, who Nuz previously reported was considering a bid for the 2008 seat, has decided instead to run for re-election as District 5 county supervisor. 

February 25, 2007
Oscar Week Brings A Surge Of Illegal Movie Downloads And Organizations Are Out There To Crackdown.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
February 18, 2007
Felton water case: Ball now in lawyers’ court
When the board members of the San Lorenzo Valley Water District voted last week to use eminent domain to acquire the Felton water system from California American Water Co., the room erupted in cheers from the dozens of Felton residents.

February 14, 2007
Water district votes to take Cal-Am
After a four-year battle, Felton residents cheered the latest step to gain local control of their water last week.

Valley Post
February 13, 2007
Sprenger Makes Early Entry to State Assembly Race
Barbara Sprenger is the first candidate to formally announce that she will seek John Laird’s State Assembly post in the 2008 election. Unless voters approve last minute changes to term limit laws, Laird will be forced to leave after six years in the 27th Assembly District seat.

Valley Post
February 13, 2007
Legal Battle Begins Over Forcible Purchase of Felton Water System
This month, attorneys hired by the San Lorenzo Valley Water District will file a lawsuit against California American Water (CalAm). The litigation seeks a forcible purchase of the embattled utility that serves over 1,300 customers in the Felton area. The Water District board voted unanimously on Feb. 8 to begin the court process after a public hearing in which dozens of Felton residents reiterated their frustrations with the internationally owned corporation controlling their water supply.

Des Moines Register
February 12, 2007
High-tech jobs abound in Iowa. Why aren’t workers filling them?
A tech company new to Des Moines — BayTPS — needs a couple of dozen electronic detectives who will help the California company find online users who illegally download clients’ music, movies, TV shows and other materials.

Des Moines Business Record
February 12, 2007
Silicon Valley firm sets office opening
BayTSP Inc., a California company that makes antipiracy software for the motion picture industry, plans to open its Des Moines office on March 1 at 206 Sixth Ave. in the Midland Building.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
February 9, 2007
SLV Water District votes to use eminent domain to take Felton water system
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District voted unanimously Thursday night to use eminent domain to take control of the privately owned Felton water system.

Good Times
February 8, 2007
Trickle Down Effect: Mar Vista Water Company is for sale, and Felton wants to help
The threat of multinational privatization of water resources just became much more concrete for some citizens of Aptos. Jimmy Smith, the 64-year-old sole proprietor of Mar Vista Water Company, which serves around 150 homes, is ill and wants to retire. Last March, he put his company up for sale. Its present valuation, not including the costs of some state-mandated upgrades, is in the neighborhood of $300,000 to $400,000. What concerns the company’s customers is that one of the two interested buyers is reportedly California American Water Company (Cal Am), a division of the German energy goliath RWE.

Internet Daily
February 6, 2007
Unsurprisingly, Viacom Videos Again on YouTube
Video clips of Viacom-produced programming are back on YouTube, days after Viacom ordered YouTube to remove them. Some who posted videos over the weekend didn’t know of Viacom’s demand, they said in e-mails.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
February 2, 2007
Assembly hopeful invests in herself
A surprise candidate for state Assembly reported almost $50,000 in her campaign war chest Wednesday, upping the ante in a race that is more than a year off.

January 31, 2007
SLV Water District ready to condemn Felton system
Directors of San Lorenzo Valley Water District have  called a special meeting  Feb. 8 to consider starting eminent domain proceedings to acquire Felton’s water system.

Los Angeles Times
Netflix sends unauthorized ‘Veil’ DVD
January 27, 2007
Last week, with their toddler asleep in bed, Marco and Shaheena Simons finally had the chance to watch Warner Bros.’ romantic drama “The Painted Veil” on DVD.

January 25, 2007
Why pirated Vista has Microsoft champing at the BitTorrent
As Microsoft Corp. gets ready to launch Windows Vista and Office 2007 to consumers, it claims a formidable new foe it lacked at its last major consumer software launch five years ago: the popular filesharing network known as BitTorrent.

January 23, 2007
Former SLV trustee to run for Assembly
Recently retired San Lorenzo Valley school trustee Barbara Sprenger is one of two early candidates who’ll run for state Assembly in the June 2008 primary election.

January 23, 2007
PUC division lambasts Cal-Am in IPO attempt
In a scathing rebuke, a state Public Utilities Commission division accused the German utility that owns Felton’s water system of making misleading and erroneous claims in its attempt to spin off its American water holdings.