December 6, 2006
SLV to offer $7.6M for Felton water system
This is a good news-bad news week for Felton water customers. The good news: A $7.6 million offer to purchase the Felton water system is being made by San Lorenzo Valley Water District. Unexpectedly, the potential acquisition also has gotten a nudge from the president of the California Public Utilities Commission. for sale. Cal-Am also announced another rate increase for Felton customers.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
December 2, 2006
SLV Water District to offer $7.6M for Felton water system
The San Lorenzo Valley Water District board of directors voted unanimously Thursday night to offer $7.6 million to California American Water Co. for the Felton water system, according to district Manager Jim Mueller.

The Valley Post
November 21, 2006
CalAm Rate Increase Delayed for Nov. 30 Hearing
The cost of water in Felton could once again increase if California’s Public Utilities Commission approves CalAm’s proposed rate structure at a public hearing on Nov. 30. On the same day, the SLV Water Board will hold a special meeting to review appraisals of the Felton system, which are expected by the end of the month.

Monterey Herald
November 20, 2006
Judge favors increase: Cal Am’s third ruling ready for PUC hearing
The third version of an administrative law judge’s ruling on California American Water’s rate increase requests may be heard by the state Public Utilities Commission at its Dec. 14 meeting in San Francisco.

The Red Herring
November 12, 2006
Can P2P Really Go Legit?
Record labels can sue and they can settle, but the cats chasing the P2P mice find that clever rodents multiply faster than the felines can keep up.

The Valley Post
October 24, 2006
FLOW Loses Request For Turnover of Felton Water in Sale of CalAm
A State Public Utilities Commission (PUC) member has decided that FLOW cannot demand the immediate divestiture of Felton’s water system as a condition of the proposed sale of American Water by German-based conglomerate RWE Aktiengesellshaft.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
September 29, 2006
Felton residents boiling over water
One by one, 38 residents, interested parties and elected officials approached the microphone Wednesday night before a state Public Utility Commission administrative law judge and echoed the same sentiment: “Help.”

Santa Cruz Sentinel
September 27, 2006
Felton residents to spout off about water tonight
FELTON — Felton residents have a chance tonight to weigh in on a potential change in the ownership of their water system during a Public Utilities Commission hearing. But local advocates plan to use the meeting as an opportunity to convince the commission that the system should be taken out of corporate hands and sold to the people.

Monterey County Weekly
September 27, 2006
Fallout Begins: Local growers brace for huge losses following E. coli outbreak
When Grower-Shipper Association president Jim Bogart answered his phone earlier this week, he sounded like he was spinning in a vortex of information overload. For the preceding days, the local ag industry had been dealt a devastating hand: Salinas Valley spinach had been linked to an outbreak of E. coli. Marion Graff, 77, of Wisconsin was dead, and more than a hundred others nationwide had fallen sick since Aug. 25.

Financial Times
September 8, 2006
Young gun
In January 2001, executives at Universal Pictures pinned their hopes on The Hulk. The Hollywood studio had for years been mulling a big-screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics superhero. In spite of a parade of well-known writers and directors, the project had struggled to get off the ground.

September 1, 2006
Live webcast of Burning Man
Following up on yesterday’s BB post about Current TV’s television project at Burning Man 2006, ronjon reminds us: Current TV has the RVs and editing suites and satellite trucks here in Black Rock City, but John Graham and his team have been webcasting the burn for years on a shoestring budget.

Red Herring
August 14, 2006
Steal this Textbook
Internet pirates have feasted on the recording industry for the better part of a decade. But several factors—the legitimate online music market, the music industry’s aggressive legal tactics, and the growth of broadband—have prompted opportunists to set their sights on new horizons.

July 24, 2006
Heat wave wreaks havoc on California electrical grid
Watch California’s electrical infrastructure melt in realtime on the internet! It’s triple-digitastically hot here in Los Angeles, and has been so without relief for weeks. Jim Graham says…

July 5, 2006
LAFCO prepares for Felton water takeover
Felton residents are closer to gaining control of their water system, following a resounding vote of confidence by the countywide Local Agency Formation Commission.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
June 24, 2006
LAFCO to decide whether to allow SLV Water District to annex Felton system
FELTON — It may just be another drop in the bucket toward a locally owned water system in Felton, but it is a necessary one for those seeking control of their water supply.

Daily Variety
July 1, 2006
Is P2P growth slowing? Depends whom you ask
Data from some leading research firms indicate that peer-to-peer (P2P) consumption is still on the rise – but don’t tell that to the major labels and the RIAA.

Wall Street Journal
June 26, 2006
Dry Hole: Great Expectations For Private Water Fail to Pan Out — Under Fire, Germany’s RWE Plans to Exit U.S. Market; Global Ambitions Thwarted — An Uprising in California Town
FELTON, Calif. — To RWE AG, Germany’s biggest electric company, the water business a few years ago seemed to promise a gusher of profits. Governments in the U.S. and around the globe were eager to privatize their water systems. RWE was already experienced in delivering electricity and gas to millions of homes.

Lexington Herald-Leader
June 4, 2006
Water ownership battles playing out across U.S.
There was a group named FLOW and a subsidiary of American Water. There were yard signs, mass mailings and plenty of campaign rhetoric about public ownership of the water utility. But it wasn’t here.

Los Angeles Times
May 30, 2006
Small Towns Tell a Cautionary Tale About the Private Control of Water
In San Jerardo, a tidy but poor farmworker cooperative encircled by the black earth of Salinas Valley fields, residents have been drinking bottled water for almost five years because the tap water they buy from a private company is unsafe.

Chicago Tribune
May 28, 2006
Pressure turned up in the war on water: Towns push to make service public again
For many towns across the country, it once seemed like a good idea to have municipal water utilities in the hands of private companies.

SLV Press-Banner
May 17, 2006
Utilities commission denies legal compensation for FLOW
The state Public Utilities Commission last week denied “intervenor compensation” for Felton FLOW that would have paid its $49,719 legal blll incurred by its participation in PUC heariings about rates and a restructuring of California-American Water Co.

May 16, 2006
New tactics aim to curb video piracy
Online pirates at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, got an unpleasant surprise a few years back.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
May 12, 2006
Felton water group loses appeal in PUC decision
One of their quests was shot down, but a local grass-roots water group flows on.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
April 23, 2006
Water group faces hurdle
San Francisco attorney Edward O’Neill spent about 120 hours during the past two years developing arguments to help people in Felton fight to keep their waterworks out of a merger with Monterey. The people who hired him won the argument, but O’Neill may not get paid.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
March 29, 2006
Felton residents see new window for purchase of waterworks
Felton residents pushing to buy that area’s water system from California American Water Co. are turning up the pressure following an announcement last week that Cal Am would become a publicly-traded company.

March 28, 2006
TV shows grapple with new video-piracy threat
“Saturday Night Live” was the unlikely star of a recent spat over online piracy. The show’s rap parody, “Lazy Sunday,” which expounded on the joys of watching “The Chronicles of Narnia” while eating cupcakes, became one of the most popular video snippets on the Internet, downloaded by millions of viewers. Soon after, another Saturday Night Live clip, this one featuring actress Natalie Portman in a profanity-laden rap, also gained a big online following.

March 27, 2006
File-Swarming Facilitates Illegal, Legal Downloads
These days, it’s easier and faster than ever to download everything from movies to TV shows using a new technology called file-swarming. And as usual, students seem to be leading the way into this uncharted legal territory

Broadcasting & Cable
March 20, 2006
AOL Unveils Video Service – Reruns: Late to the game, Internet giant vows to catch up
Although it is backed by one of the largest media companies in the world and has cleared the rights to 400 series, AOL is late to the online-TV game. In2TV offers reruns, while Apple’s iTunes has already sold more than 10 million video downloads of current hot shows since its October launch.

March 19, 2006
Safeguards Against Online Piracy Not Foolproof
Protecting material published online from being pirated has not gotten any easier, according to the head of a Silicon Valley company specializing in internet security.

Monterey Herald
March 17, 2006
French firm looking at Cal Am parent bid
A French-based global water and trash recycling company is looking at buying the U.S. water holdings of California American Water’s parent company, RWE AG of Germany.

CableFAX Daily
March 3, 2006
Nipped and Tucked: Illegal Downloads Rise with Mobile Video Popularity
Here’s a distinction cable doesn’t want to brag about: A cable program- FX’s “Nip/Tuck”-was the most illegally downloaded TV show in Jan, according to BayTSP, which monitors online piracy and helps stop its distribution.

New Media Age
March 2, 2006
Pirate downloads shift to quality over currency
Nip/Tuck was the most pirated TV show in January and Elizabethtown the most pirated film, figures released by BayTSP show. The most pirated software was Microsoft Office XP.

February 27, 2006
Apple preps movie download service
Apple plans to introduce a movie download service through iTunes, a report claims. The Business claims an announcement is “due as early as this week”.

USA Today
February 5, 2006
Stern fans turn to piracy
When Howard Stern began his new gig on Sirius last month, executives for the pay-radio channel expected some listeners to download his daily show and share it — free — on the Internet, just as they had with his broadcasts for years.

Los Angeles Times
February 3, 2006
Illicit Downloading of Stern’s Show Soars Fivefold
Illicit downloading of shock jock Howard Stern’s shows increased fivefold Thursday after the Los Angeles Times reported on the broad availability of bootlegged versions of his Sirius Satellite Radio program on Internet file-sharing networks.

February 2, 2006
Interview with BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa
CNBC reporter Jerry Cobb interviews Mark Ishikawa on news reports that Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite program is being recorded and made available for download for free on peer-to-peer networks.

February 2, 2006
Howard Stern More Popular Than Gilmore Girls, But Trails The Simpsons
Howard Stern’s Sirius program is still being pirated online, despite cease-and-desist letters being sent to Web sites dedicated to carrying recordings of his show.

Los Angeles Times
February 2, 2006
Sirius Shock: Pirates Hit Howard Stern Show
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., which liberated radio shock jock Howard Stern from the federal decency standards that he felt had shackled him, is finding that freedom’s just another word for $500 million to lose.

New Media Age
January 26, 2006
P2P traders shift to ripping off movies on DVD
New Media Age, January 26, 2006
Illegal file traders are generating   more P2P traffic by offering high- quality copies of movies released on DVD rather than illicitly filmed cinema releases, according to Internet security company BayTSP.

Television Week
January 23, 2006
Television Piracy Flourishes Online
Illegal downloading of television shows is now the fastest-growing area of piracy, ahead of movies and computer software, according to data from BayTSP, which monitors online piracy of intellectual property.

January 21, 2006
Bay Area Company Helps Fight Pirates
The movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” is getting a lot of attention from the Motion Picture Academy. It is also getting a lot of attention from pirates, the kind of pirates who illegally swap movies over the Internet.

January 17, 2006
Number One With a Pirated Bullet
Ever heard of the British TV show Top Gear? Far from the U.S.-centric world of ABC-TV shows on iPods, that program – about the exploits of a group of writers who cover the automobile industry – is the one that topped the list of most pirated TV shows for December of 2005 on peer-to-peer Internet networks.

KNTV Channel 11
January 16, 2006
Bay Area Company Helps Fight Pirates
Tech reporter Scott Budman profiles BayTSP, a A Silicon Valley-based company is helping the film industry battle the increase in movie piracy.

January 13, 2006
Memoirs of a Free Geisha: DVD pirates successfully plunder Academy Award screeners
When Oscar season hits Hollywood, count on three things: teary-eyed speechifying, long lines at Botox boutiques, and tightened security on the “screeners” essential to the Academy Awards process. These days, screeners are high-quality DVDs. The movie studios send them to voters as a convenience, since academy members, at least the conscientious ones, have dozens of movies to watch before filling out their ballots.