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December 23, 2005
Oscar ‘Screeners’ Already Being Pirated
“The problem of piracy of digital screeners has been going on for a while and is a growing trend,” said Yankee Group analyst Adi Kishore. “Originally, the industry did not take the problem seriously, however.”

December 22, 2005
Oscar Screeners Show Up Online
Screeners of movies, including NORTH COUNTRY, up for Oscar consideration have already been pirated and are showing up online, according to an internet analyst.

KTVU Channel 2
December 21, 2005
Local Company Helps Track Down Pirated Oscar Screening DVDs On Web
KTVU tech reporter David Stevenson reports on BayTSP’s program to monitor for release of Academy screener films on the Internet.

December 21, 2005
Oscar hopefuls ‘already pirated’ 
Pirated copies of movies sent to Oscar voters are already appearing online, a US internet analyst has reported.

Digital Media Wire
December 20, 2005
Leaked Oscar Screener DVDs Already Appearing Online
Los Gatos, Calif. — Several of the advance DVD screener copies of movies up for Academy Awards, sent to members of the Academy for voting purposes, have already popped up on file-sharing services, according to BayTSP, an anti-piracy firm working with studios to monitor file-sharing networks.

New Media Age
December 1, 2005
‘Kingdom of Heaven’ most pirated film in October
Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom, was the most popular film for illicit copying online in October, reports Internet security company BayTSP. The film was copied 38,566 times on P2P networks, although this was lower than the 51,291 downloads of War of the Worlds, September’s most popular film.

Earth Times
November 27, 2005
Hollywood joins hands with BitTorrent to fight cyber piracy
Notorious software BitTorrent, which so far has been aiding illegal file sharing online, will now help Hollywood film studios curb the menace that leads to losses of millions of dollars every year.

Wired News
November 23, 2005
A Torrent or a Trickle?
HOLLYWOOD — Hollywood’s copyright police and the maker of the most potent movie piracy software of all time took the stage here Tuesday and solemnly declared détente.

New Media Age
November 3, 2005
‘War of the Worlds’ most pirated film in September
Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of War of the Worlds was the most pirated film online for the second consecutive month, according to Internet security company BayTSP’s report for September, with 51,291 downloads. The main sources for online piracy were eDonkey and Fastrack networks. Martial arts comedy Kung Fu Hustle was the second most pirated film with 33,511 downloads.

Le Figaro
October 24, 2005
Les Français, grands amateurs de films… piratés
QUAND Harry Potter et la coupe de feu débarquera sur nos écrans le 30 novembre, des milliers de Français resteront bien au chaud chez eux. Et pour cause: grâce à l’Internet, ils ont déjà vu le quatrième opus de la saga du petit sorcier. Ne comptez pas non plus sur ces pirates pour être surexcités par la sortie imminente des DVD “cadeaux de Noël” comme Batman le défi, Star Wars, la revanche des Sith et La Guerre des mondes de Steven Spielberg, les amateurs ont déjà ces blockbusters dans leur vidéothèque depuis des mois.

Los Angeles Times
October 15, 2005
Little screens, big potential
WHEN APPLE CEO STEVE JOBS unveiled a new iPod on Wednesday, it wasn’t surprising that the gleaming little music-toting device could also play video. Apple watchers had been predicting such an innovation for months, despite Jobs’ frequent denials.

October 3, 2005
The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California will host its fourth annual Maxgames videogame tournament on Saturday, October 8. Finalists on several of the games will duke it out for the championship on the museum’s Giant Dome Screen and its 13,000 watt, 44 speaker sound system. The rest of the year the theater is reserved for showing IMAX films.

Washington Internet Daily
September 22, 2005
Record Labels, Movies Told to Embrace Rapidly Moving Technology
SANTA MONICA – Record labels are facing more financial trouble if they continue to lag behind technology, panelists said at the Digital Hollywood conference here Wed. Attorney Fred Davis said: “The music industry made many mistakes… It’s one thing to try and fail but they didn’t try anything to find the balance between monetization and consumer satisfaction.”

September 6, 2005
BayTSP launches system to ID pedophiles online
KLIV reporter Judy Peterson interviews BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa on the launch of Safe-KIDS, a system that identifies individuals who share child pornogaphic imagey online.

The Register
August 19, 2005
Anarchist clown cuffed after virtual dragnet
A clown who stole a man’s bicycle at last year’s Burning Man counterculture festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, breaking the poor chap’s arm in the process, was tracked to a medical centre in Seattle by internet sleuths and eventually persuaded via bulletin board to give himself up.

Salt Lake Tribune
August 19, 2005
Comedian brutally attacked by clown at Burning Man
LOGAN – Logan resident Dennis Hinkamp can find humor in just about everything, but the stand-up comedian and humor columnist isn’t laughing about an incident so bizarre it nearly defies the imagination.

San Francisco Chronicle
August 18, 2005
Clown-faced bike-jacker banned from Burning Man
Dennis Hinkamp endured a beating at Burning Man last year that left him with a broken elbow, a black eye and ongoing nightmares. Late one night, someone jumped him, then punched and kicked him before stealing his bike.

The Associated Press
August 18, 2005
Tips Lead to Arrest of Clown Assailant
RENO, Nev. — A man dressed as a clown who assaulted another man and stole his bicycle at last year’s Burning Man festival has been sentenced after the victim’s friends tracked down the disguised assailant.

Reno Gazette Journal
August, 18, 2005
Clown gets probation in theft: Crime occurred at Burning Man; victim used Internet to track culprit
His clown face was deceiving. Instead of bringing smiles to his fellow Burning Man revelers last year, Johnny Goodman, painted face and all, consumed too much alcohol, grabbed Dennis Hinkamp’s bicycle and assaulted him so severely that he had to have two plates implanted into his arm.

August 17, 2005
Star Wars continues to dominate illegal downloads
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith dominated the top ten list of pirated films for the second month in a row, with 49,522 copies available for download on the Fast Track and E-Donkey networks, according to statistics for July from anti-piracy technology provider BayTSP.

GameShout Radio Network
August 11, 2005
BitTorrent Gives Entertainment Industry a Headache
Bram Cohen didn’t set out to upset Hollywood movie studios or video game companies. But his innovative online file-sharing software, BitTorrent, has grown into a piracy problem the film industry is struggling to handle.

Santa Cruz Sentinel
August 7, 2005
Judge decides that Felton-Monterey water merger is not realistic
A judge has issued his recommendation to deal with rate shock for Felton water customers. James McVicar, administrative law judge with the Public Utilities Commission, has recommended a 30 percent increase in water rates for Felton customers.

Mercury News
August 4, 2005
The new threat to Hollywood: Darknets – Private, encrypted file-sharing networks set to grow
Fresh from its victory in the Supreme Court Grokster case, Hollywood faces a new Internet threat — the rise of “darknets,” or private, encrypted networks that allow the anonymous exchange of music, movies and other digital files.

Los Gatos Weekly Times
August 3, 2005
Hot Wheels: It was a long, hot weekend on the San Jose Grand Prix course
It’s hot. It’s crowded. It stinks. The combination of sweating bodies, barbecued food and burned rubber permeate the air. And for those without earplugs, it’s loud.

San Jose Mercury News
July 27, 2005
Some people hit the gym to relieve stress. Others reach for chocolate. Mark Ishikawa likes to drive fast – very fast.

Monterey Herald
July 27, 2005
Felton OKs takeover of Cal Am: Court battle expected; vote may add steam to Peninsula’s effort
Voters in Felton on Tuesday passed an $11 million bond measure to finance a public takeover of California American Water’s system there.

The Wave
July 27, 2005
CEO Suits Up for Grand Prix
Not every participant in the San Jose Grand prix is a full-time race car driver. When Mark Ishikawa (who has an entry in the Atlantic race that immediately precedes the Champ Car main event) isn’t behind the wheel, he’s the CEO of Los Gatos-based BayTSP.

July 27, 2005
The latest movie releases are the target of software thieves
“We find people downloading movies, music and software on the Internet – between 3.5 million and 5 million unique bad guys a day.”

July 26, 2005
Star Wars top online pirated film
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith dominated the Top 10 list of pirated films in June, with 55,228 copies available for download on the Fast Track and eDonkey networks, according to the latest illegal download charts from anti-piracy firm BayTSP.

Los Gatos Weekly Times
July 26, 2005
Tale of two Los Gatos race car drivers
No two race car drivers are the same, but A.J. Allmendinger and Mark Ishikawa are certainly similar.

July 20, 2005
Local CEO Races Full Time
After finishing third in his class at the Long Beach Grand Prix, BayTSP CEO Mark Ishikawa looks forward to competing in the San Jose Grand Prix.

Government Technology
July 19, 2005
New Tool Helps Law Enforcement Identify Individuals Who Trade Child Pornography on the Internet
Today, BayTSP announced the availability of Safe-KIDS, a system that allows law enforcement investigators to quickly identify individuals making child pornography available for download via the Internet.

BayTSP press release
July 18, 2005
BayTSP Launches Safe-KIDS, a Law Enforcement Tool for Identifying Individuals Who Trade Child Pornography on the Internet
LOS GATOS, Calif., – BayTSP, a leading provider of online intellectual property monitoring and enforcement services, today announced the availability of Safe-KIDS, a system that allows law enforcement investigators to quickly identify individuals making child pornography available for download via the Internet.

Ishikawa Racing press release
July 11, 2005
Mark Ishikawa charts return to Toyota Atlantic series with San Jose Grand Prix
LOS GATOS, California, July 11, 2005 – Mark Ishikawa, owner and driver of the Ishikawa Racing #71 Toyota Atlantic, today announced his return to the Toyota Atlantic Series with the San Jose Grand Prix and plans to jump to the Championship Class in 2006.

July 1, 2005
Cover Story: The Prevalence of Internet Piracy
A government raid on a home in Fremont has shined a light on a shadowy sector of the Internet, where young computer pirates steal hundreds of millions of dollars from filmmakers, musicians and software companies.

New York Times
June 27, 2005
Drop That Cellphone, You Celebrity. It’s a Film Premiere
The publicity blunders leading up to the release of Paramount Studios’ “War of the Worlds” turned into a pratfall on Thursday, when heavy security at the movie’s New York premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater meant that guests had to stand in long lines to reclaim their cellphones and handbags. Even Tim Robbins, Alec Baldwin and Steven Spielberg were required to check their phones, a Paramount source said.

New Media Age
June 23, 2005
IN BRIEF: Million Dollar Baby most pirated online film in May
Oscar winning Warner Bros movie Million Dollar Baby was the most pirated film online during May, according to new statistics from Internet security company BayTSP. 36,067 copies were available for download during the month, while Ocean’s 12 and The Aviator had 34,016 and 33,934 copies respectively online over the same period.

June 14, 2005
Million Dollar Baby, Ocean’s 12 top pirated films on net for May
Five new films joined the Top 10 list for May, according to figures from security firm BayTSP: Million Dollar Baby – number one, with 36,037 copies available for download, Ocean’s 12, Hitch, Amityville Horror, and Robots.

Toyota Atlantic press release
June 14, 2005
New Teams and Drivers Set to Join Toyota Atlantic Field This Weekend in Portland
The thrill of racing in Portland will be shared by more drivers and teams this weekend as it was announced today that three new teams will join the Atlantic field for the G.I. Joe’s Presents the Champ Car Grand Prix of Portland Toyota Atlantic doubleheader, June 17-19 at PIR.

Ishikawa Racing press release
June 13, 2005
Mark Ishikawa Announces Plans to Compete in Entire 2005 Toyota Atlantic Presented by Yokohama Series
LOS GATOS, California, June 13, 2005 – Mark Ishikawa, owner and driver of the Ishikawa Racing Swift 008a Formula Atlantic car, announced today that he is expanding his race schedule and will compete in all races in the Toyota Atlantic Championship Presented by Yokohama 2005 season.

CNET News.com
June 3, 2005
New wrinkle in DVD swapping
A group of anonymous programmers has released a new software tool online that threatens to raise the stakes for Hollywood studios fighting Internet movie-swapping.

May 24, 2005
FOX issuing takedown notices to Sith downloaders
Jason Striegel of p2p.weblogsinc.com says, “I recently was forwarded a message from a concerned reader who was just served a copyright infringement notice for downloading Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith. FOX is going after small-time downloaders. The letter was sent by BayTSP (on behalf of 20th Century FOX), who appear to be making good on their claim that they can effectively track BitTorrent users.”

May 24, 2005
FOX Issuing Takedown Notices to Sith UPloaders
Thep2pweblog reports that the 20th Century FOX film studio is issuing notice and takedown letters targeted at those using BitTorrent to acquire copies of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (FOX Issuing Takedown Notices to Sith Downloaders). The notices aren’t coming from FOX directly, but from the P2P monitoring company BayTSP, which is apparently authorized to send such notices on behalf of FOX.

May 24, 2005
FOX issuing takedown notices to Sith downloaders
We saw it coming. BayTSP’s claim that they could track BitTorrent file swapping, the recent MPAA threats targeted at Revenge of the Sith downloaders, and an overall increasing presence from the dark side have been a few clues.

Ishikawa Racing press release
May 23, 2005
Mark Ishikawa finishes third in class at Monterrey Grand Prix
Mark Ishikawa, owner and driver of the Ishikawa Racing Swift 008a Formula Atlantic car, finished third in the C2 class and 11th overall in the Tecate/Telmex Grand Prix of Monterrey, Mexico on Sunday, his second outing in the Toyota Atlantic Grand Prix series.

Financial Times
May 19, 2005
Online pirates beat Star Wars rush
In another example of piracy’s potential menace to Hollywood in the digital era, versions of the latest Star Wars film were released illegally onto the internet at least a day before its official release.

May 5, 2005
Sea Shadow photographs
UPDATE: BB pal Jim Graham was the public relations person at Lockheed when the Sea Shadow came out of the black. Jim writes: “A couple of interesting things about the Sea Shadow was how low-tech it was on the inside….

Daily Variety
May 1, 2005
HOTTOPIC – Chasing Pirates: Pirates mine Oscar’s gold; Nominated pix see spike in illegal downloads
Everyone knows about the B.O. bump an Oscar can bring, but it turns out there’s an Oscar bump for pirated pics as well. New data from BayTSP, which tracks Internet piracy, shows illegal downloaders are just as interested in the Oscar seal of approval.

Personal Computer World
June 2005 issue
Hands on – Digital imaging & video – When making a copy isn’t right
Given the proliferation of digital images on the web and the ease with which they can be copied, you might be forgiven for thinking they are copyright-free and their owners are happy for them to be used in any way you like. You would, of course, be wrong and might well have legal proceedings brought against you for unauthorised usage of a copyright image.

May 4, 2005
BayTSP claims it can track down original file sharers
BayTSP, a San Francisco company which specializes in tracking down copyrighted material on the internet, is touting a new system called FirstSource which it claims can identify the original uploader of a copyrighted file, send them a scary warning, and log their personal information for legal action.

April 19, 2005
P2P film file-sharers starting to download ‘art films’, not just blockbusters
Two Oscar-winning films – The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby – and three nominees Hotel Rwanda, Collateral and Sideways hit the list of top ten pirated films list in March – possibly marking a move away from the Hollywood blockbusters more commonly downloaded over peer-to-peer networks up to this point.

The Daily Orange
April 13, 2005
BitTorrent offers means to download TV shows – just not legally
It’s Sascha Herzig’s Friday morning ritual. After rousing himself from slumber, the junior finance major goes online to download the previous night’s episode of “The O.C.”

April 12, 2005
Long Beach: Mark Ishikawa race notes
First-year Toyota Atlantic driver Mark Ishikawa placed third in his class and ninth overall in the Long Beach Grand Prix Sunday, completing the final lap of the series season opener with a flat tire.

CNET News.com
April 11, 2005
Underground television
As an engineering student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Sajeeth Cherian came up with a technology that could transform television. Drawing on headline syndication technology used for blogs, he created a program called Videora, which scours the Internet for specific video content and downloads it automatically.

Ishikawa Racing press release
April 11, 2005
Ishikawa places third in class, ninth overall in Long Beach Grand Prix Toyota Atlantic season opener
Los Gatos, California, April 11, 2005 – First-year Toyota Atlantic driver Mark Ishikawa placed third in his class and ninth overall in the Long Beach Grand Prix Sunday, completing the final lap of the series season opener with a flat tire.

San Jose Mercury News
April 11, 2005
Bourdais makes charge for first Long Beach win
LONG BEACH – There isn’t much that Sebastien Bourdais hasn’t done in his two seasons driving in the Champ Car World Series.

Long Beach Press-Telegram
April 10, 2005
Grand Prix racing
Rookie Atlantic series racer Mark Ishikawa flies by on his way to the hairpin turn during a practice session.

San Jose Mercury News
April 10, 2005
Can Tracy enjoy another day at the Beach?
LONG BEACH – Paul Tracy, who has had his share of success on the streets of Long Beach, added another accomplishment to the list Saturday.

Long Beach Press-Telegram
April 9, 2005
Drivers visit schools as celebrities visit hospitals
Atlantic car driver Mark Ishikawa gives students at St. Joseph’s Elementary School a close-up look at a Champ car during a visit to the school Thursday afternoon.
Photo OnePhoto TwoPhoto Three

San Francisco Chronicle
March 28, 2005
Music file-sharing case before high court:
Ruling could have major effect on future of entertainment industry, consumer rights

The legal storm stirred nearly six years ago by Napster — the now defunct Internet file-sharing program that rocked the music industry — will reach the U.S. Supreme Court this week in a case that could alter the downloading habits of millions of people.

San Francisco Chronicle
March 28, 2005
THE SHARING GOES ON: Industry clampdown hasn’t hurt its popularity on college campuses
UC Berkeley freshman Hannah Ostrowski strolled through campus enjoying her pink iPod Mini one recent day, but her music player wasn’t filled with songs downloaded from Apple Computer’s online music store.

San Francisco Chronicle
March 28, 2005
MAKING THEIR CASE: Latest battle between Hollywood and tech industry could be most crucial one yet
As the giants in the entertainment and technology industries square off this week in what could be their most crucial legal battle yet, the Supreme Court faces the question: What is this case really about?

Des Moines Business Record
March 20, 2005
CEO outlines BayTSPs Des Moines plans
Mark Ishikawa likes the idea of getting Midwest-quality employees for far less than Silicon Valley prices. The CEO of BayTSP Inc., which makes anti-piracy software for the motion picture industry as well as products for other Fortune 500 companies, says hes confident hell find a good supply of high-tech professionals locally to staff a 24-7 data center his company will launch this spring in Des Moines.

March 10, 2005
Fast Track network sees decline in users, eDonkey gaining in popularity
The movie Alien vs. Predator was the top pirated film online for the fourth month in a row, with 39,840 copies available for download via the Fast Track and eDonkey networks in February, according to the latest illegal download charts from anti-piracy firm BayTSP. Collateral and Spider-Man 2 returned after having dropped off the list in recent months.

February 20, 2005
Der Piratenjger
Wer hat schon heimlich MP3-Musik aus dem Internet heruntergeladen, ohne zu bezahlen? Benutzer von Online-Tauschbrsen wie Kazaa oder eDonkey sollten sich den Namen von Mark Ishikawa, 39, merken. Der Grnder der Netzdetektei BayTsp in San Francisco ist der weltweit erfolgreichste Jger von MP3-Piraten.

NBC San Diego
February 9, 2005
Hollywood Cracking Down On Movie Piracy
If you’ve ever been tempted to download a movie, you’d better think twice before doing that. A new technology now allows major Hollywood studios to track down some of the worst Internet pirates.

Los Angeles Times
January 25, 2005
Yahoo, Google Expand Searches: The rival firms, in different approaches, offer services that help users find video programming online
SAN FRANCISCO — Search-engine rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. will open a new front in their Internet battle today when they plan to unveil dueling efforts to let users hunt through the content of television shows.

February 10, 2005
Online piracy charts for January
The movie Alien vs. Predator was the top pirated film online for the third month in a row, with 43,949 copies available for download via the Fast Track and eDonkey networks in January, according to the latest illegal download charts from anti-piracy firm BayTSP.

February 5, 2005
File Sharers Can No Longer Hide
Uploaders to eDonkey.com, Bit Torrent and other file-sharing networks beware: The commercial equivalent to Big Brother is watching you.

The Guardian
January 22, 2005
Hollywood has downloaders in its sights – Cheap, easy file-sharing system upsets film industry
As anyone who has witnessed Hollywood award ceremonies knows, the film industry loves nothing better than giving itself a slap on the back.

CNET News.com
January 21, 2005
eXeem opens new file-swapping doors
Underground programmers hoping to capitalize on the BitTorrent file-swapping community on Friday unveiled highly anticipated software that some peer-to-peer advocates believe could blunt recent legal attacks from Hollywood.

Vancouver Sun
January 21, 2005
Drop that tune
A California company says it can now trace who first downloaded a copyrighted song, using a technique called software “spidering.” BayTSP’s FirstSource software could help the music industry, beleaguered by piracy, track down and sue “the first propagators,” the culprits who put recordings on file-sharing networks such as eDonkey.

January 16, 2005
BayTSP Provides Automatic DMCA Notices
ruvreve sent in a pointer that BayTSP is promising to identify Bittorrent uploaders for the entertainment industry to file suit against. Slashdot has run numerous stories discussing what happens when you automate DMCA takedown notices – see also chillingeffects.org.

Billboard Magazine
January 15, 2005
Targeting Illicit Uploaders – New Service Identifies Piracy Source
Internet security firm BayTSP is adding a tool to its arsenal in the fight against piracy. The Los Gatos, Calif.-based company has debuted its FirstSource service, which identifies the first user who uploads copyrighted content to the eDonkey and Bit Torrent peer-to-peer networks.

Cable & Broadcasting
January 10, 2005
Showstealers – TV wakes up to the threat of online piracy
Eric Garland got home too late to catch a new episode of ER recently, but his trusty TiVo had recorded the show. Or so Garland thought. Midway through the episode, his TV screen turned to snow. Garland’s digital cable service had gone down earlier and ruined the rest of the recording.

Future Tense
January 6, 2005
A new weapon for fighting movie piracy
Trading of pirated films on the Internet is a growing headache for Hollywood. The industry is fighting back by suing users of peer-to-peer services such as BitTorrent.

January 6, 2005
BayTSP adds ‘FirstSource’ to its arsenal
LOS GATOS, Calif., January 3, 2005 – BayTSP, a leading provider of online intellectual property monitoring and compliance systems, today announced FirstSource, an automated system that identifies the first users to upload copyright- or trademark-protected content to the eDonkey and Bit Torrent peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Thanks to Jim at BayTSP, I was able to gather some interesting tidbits…

January 5, 2005
Eyes on your copyrighted prize – Don’t even think about trying to find a copy of an award-winning civil rights documentary online. The copyright cops will be waiting
It’s a new year, but when the topic is copyright violation, the song (and TV show, and movie) remains the same.

San Jose Mercury News/Associated Press
January 4, 2005
Los Gatos firm takes stand in war against movie pirates
A new weapon has been added to Hollywood’s growing technological and legal arsenal against online movie piracy. BayTSP of Los Gatos introduced a new monitoring system that it claims can identify the sources of the original bootlegs that feed movie content to the popular file-sharing networks eDonkey and BitTorrent.

January 3, 2005
New tool for identifying movie pirates
CNBC entertainment business reporter Jerry Cobb reports on BayTSP’s FirstSource.

Digital Media Wire
January 3, 2005
BayTSP Announces FirstSource
BayTSP, a provider of peer-to-peer file-sharing tracking services for the movie and music industries, announced on Monday the launch of a new system called FirstSource, which it says can automatically identify the first users to upload copyrighted or trademarked content to the eDonkey and BitTorrent file-sharing networks.

BayTSP press release
January 3, 2005
BayTSP Launches New Service that Identifies First Uploads to eDonkey, Bit Torrent P2P File-Sharing Networks
LOS GATOS, Calif., January 3, 2005 – BayTSP, a leading provider of online intellectual property monitoring and compliance systems, today announced FirstSource, an automated system that identifies the first users to upload copyright- or trademark-protected content to the eDonkey and Bit Torrent peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.